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02 June 2023 | Football

The FUFA Executive has approved the new playing format of the 2023 FUFA Drum competition. The official communication signed off by the FUFA Deputy CEO-Football Decolas Kiiza reads; “Whereas there had been the desire to play the FUFA Drum in the original version with 61 matches being played, a new version will be introduced with 46 matches which is an improvement on the last edition where 30 matches were played.” The FUFA Drum continued last year after two years of no activity due to the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the globe and affected the organization of several competitions. The approved version of the 2023 FUFA Drum is as follows, a) On the basis of the last edition’s performance the best 8 province teams will get byes to the next round. b) The last 8 Province teams are randomly paired to play home and away (8 matches). c) The 4 winners on aggregate join the other 8 that received byes to make 12 province teams. d) The 12 Province teams be seeded according to performance into 3 pots and draw of lots conducted to have 4 groups (A, B, C, D) of 3 teams each. e) Teams in each group play each other home and away (24 matches). f) The best 2 teams in each group progress to quarter-finals (A1 v B2, B1 v A2, C1 v D2, D1 v C2) home and away (8 matches). g) Winners progress to semifinals to be played home and away (4 matches). h) Losers play for third place (1 match). i) Winners play for first place (1 match). The past winners of the FUFA Drum are; Buganda Province (2018), Acholi Province (2019), West Nile Province (2022/2023).

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