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06 June 2023 | Cycling

The picturesque county of Kabujogera in Kitagwenda hosted an exhilarating bicycle race yesterday in partnership with the Tooro Kingdom and MTN Uganda. The race, aimed at promoting sports talent and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, received overwhelming support from the community. A total of 26 skilled riders, including 19 manual bike riders and 7 sports bike riders, fearlessly manoeuvred through a challenging 30-kilometre route. The cyclists braved the rugged roads, pedalling their way from Kabujogera town council to Ntara and back. Lauben Barekyeraho emerged as the triumphant champion in the ordinary bicycle category, while Joshua Mugume clinched the top spot in the sports bike race. Their remarkable performances showcased their dedication and skill on the challenging terrain. Here are some of the images from the event; [gallery size="full" ids="12686,12687,12688,12689,12690,12691,12692"]

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